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What do you think about politicians breastfeeding their baby in Parliament House ? Do you think it would be silly if every nursing mum bought her baby to work ?


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So long as they can still do their job, then I honestly don't care.

So the Breastfeeding itself; a Mother should be able to breastfeed her baby anywhere.
But why the hell bring your baby to work? Regardless of what you think about our Politicians, Parliament House has important business to attend to, not the place for a baby.

 They have a daycare there, she must have pulled the baby out for a feed.
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Have you seen photos of what goes on where she was? Sooo many photos of pollies sleeping
It's so long and insignificant a lot of the time...
also my kids from 0-6 months were honestly accessories... they literally slept and fed. They never fussed or really even cried.
It would be very easy to have a good baby in that circumstance and you gotta do what you gotta do sometimes as a working mum. It is what it is- sometimes you piss people off but reality is working expectations and the babies needs often aren't compatible ... it's fu****g hard being a working mum. Worse still when people tell you how you should be doing it or how you're doing it wrong

And yet others would be up in arms if they asked her to breastfeed elsewhere.
Why do people have to always have an opinion on other women's choices?

I'm pretty sure there's a daycare there, so if mums want to breastfeed they can. I think they should be going to the baby though, not have baby come into where they all their stuff...that's just turning what should be a very professional environment into a mothers group.

Breastfeeding I have no problem with but I agree with most comments here, parliament is not a place to bring children. Obviously circumstances happened that she had to bring her baby with her, like maybe her babysitter pulled out at the last minute. I think its great that she still went to work though, obviously the workplace was okay with her having the baby there and she was still there getting her job done. A lot of women would have just said they can't come in.

 There's a daycare there
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Who bloody cares would the same response be had if she had bottle fed during the session?

I think it is appropriate for breast feeding mothers to take their baby with them where they go that includes Parliament. Have you actually watched Question time, bunch of children squabbling perfect place for babies and toddlers too.

work is for work, not babies at all. No wonder nothing ever gets done in parliament

It would be silly and noisy it all babies came to work, but did she have a reason? Maybe it was just one of those situations where she didn't really have a choice. I had to breastfeed my baby during a meeting at work, they had the choice of me feeding or going home.

I don't care about if someone chooses to breastfeed or not, and I don't care where they breastfeed. I do question though if the workplace is an appropriate place for a baby. It is a serious place that requires no distractions from babies. Imagine if all politicians did that. Dad's bring in their babies to give mum a break, mum's bring in baby to feed, grandparents bring in babies so that their sons/daughters can sleep or go to work. It would be chaos and less work would be done than already gets done in parliment.