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How do you get out of sex?

Of course this is only for those who for whatever reason don't want to have sex for the moment


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I just tell my hubby no, I'm tired/not in the mood etc. (Whatever the actual reason is). I don't need to make up stuff.

“I’m not in the mood right now”. If I had to make up excuses I would get rid of that man.

 Maybe the other person is insatiable and it's hard to keep up with them
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We have sex almost every day but I hate doing it when I have my period. Hubby thinks I have it for 5 or 6 days but it only lasts for 2. I just need a break sometimes

 Just out of curiosity how old are your kids and do you do it just before bed? I kind of idolise you, thats so impressive and sweet
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 Awww thanx. I thought the troll would call me a liar or something 😂
We only have our 13yo dd still at home and Hubby works from home so we have a lot of alone time. Although if we have a really busy day ahead we'll sneak one in before getting out of bed. Night time sex does not work for us as I go to bed quite early 🥰

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On the rare occasion either of us isn’t in to it it’s usually because we are exhausted- so we just say we’re tired.
That said, I’ve discovered it makes me sleep better, so sometimes if I’m tired I just say let’s be quick lol

My Mirena is near expiration date. He hates condoms. So, no sex.