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What’s your coffee of choice?

I like lattes


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Skinny latte out. Caramel latte at home for hot or moconna
My favourite healthy coffee is
Beforeyouspeak (brand) my choice is GLOW for the collagen benefits or caramel
Look it up; it’s the best thing ever. I blend it with cold milk and it’s amaze balls. Can’t get enough of it; only that it’s a little pricey but it does have health benefits.

 Shameless plug.

Go away

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 I actually thought they deserved the review here. Why wouldn’t I share what I think is good. I have no stake in this company. Just enjoy their coffees
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Same as I like my men, hot strong and white.

 Lol, not very strong when it’s white 😂😂😂 Hot and milky?
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Caramel lattes with 3 sugars. Yes I know how fattening it is, and I know how bad it is for me, but I legit don't care because it tastes so good 😂. At home I just have maccona instant with milk and 2 sugars

 With that much sugar in your coffee can you even taste the coffee 😂 I love a caramel latte but find the caramel is sweet enough for me
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Latte when out. At home, plunger coffee with Harris Premium Crema with the gold edge on the packet. Full cream milk added to the cup. No sugar.

Caramel latte, either hot or iced both taste good. Except sometimes they put too much caramel and it’s overpoweing and is so sweet.

Maccona at home, with FC milk & 2 sugars. Latte when I'll out. The occasional frappacino in summer. I only drink coffee in the morning, until lunch time. I also like tea at home, strong, milky with a couple sugars.