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Ice cream

What brand do you buy ?
I buy streets or cadbury or peters for me and homebrand for the kids


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My kids don't eat much ice cream and I normally buy them ice blocks instead. I get the home icecream ones.

I buy home brand for my step kids and give my real kids the expensive stuff.

I love Tip Top but you can't really get it here, I usually buy Peters or just the ice cream on special

Ok I'm blown away by some of the comments :-/ she's just asking what brand ice cream people like!! I was actually going to ask the same thing a few weeks back just out of curiosity as to what people found the nicest.
Im not sure what my favourite is? My husband bought blue ribbon and that's alright. I kind of like the fancy connoisseur ones if I'm going to buy a 'fancier' ice cream 😊

Personally in our house we like blue ribbon we love the coconut mango ripple

I buy my kids the frozen Greek yoghurt. That way I'm not tempted to eat any myself. Eeew.
But if I do buy ice cream, I'll get some locally made one from IGA. I can't remember their brand name (its got blue and white on the label) but they make a good ice cream. Just vanilla.