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Weight loss while pregnant?

Has any successfully toned or lost a bit of fat while pregnant?
Just looking for a few ladies you have successfully gotten fit while being pregnant.


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I lost weight due to having diabetes while pregnant. I had to follow a low carb diet and I did this by weighing my food, testing my blood and walking 30mins a day. I lost seven kgs in the last trimester, it was safe and steady weightloss monitored by my ob. I also had to due to being overweight so first talk to your doctors

 Same i lost 10 kilos
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Yes I did. I didn't have a car and lived in a hilly town , I also ate well for the sake of baby. Once I had the baby I usually ended up about 5 -10 kilos lighter than before getting pregnant but I gained it all back and some while breastfeeding because I got so hungry. I should say that the Drs were never concerned about my weight or my eating. I made sure I ate healthily and just did a lot of walking.

I think regardless of other peoples opinions, you should work with a specialist such as a dietitian, doctor and obstetrician as they will be able to advise you based on your situation and needs. Not that advice on here isn't good its just I wouldn't take any risks with this sort of thing. I know it can be done though.

see a nutritionist or dietician to make sure the baby is getting everything they need. avoid ab exercises unless you already do them. Same with weight lifting.

I lost weight too due to gestational diabetes. The smaller portion sizes and even less carbs did the trick. I didnt lose much but it all helps. It didnt happen in my 3 subsequent pregnancies, however from following the diabetes diet earlier on in the pregnancy I didnt gain nearly as much weight either. My 4th was by far the least gain.