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Relationships suck and I’m over the drama, lies and games! How can I get rid of this guy?

I wanna break up with this guy I’m in a relationship with. He comes across real smart and nice, caring and helpful. All my family like him and my kids like him too. But there have been lies on his part and just something doesn’t sit right in my gut. He doesn’t have a real job and never has money, doesn’t have a license or car, he sleeps all day and then sits on his PlayStation all day and goes to the pub a lot. My family doesn’t know all this they think he’s got a semi good job and has his license. His ex told me he likes to hook up with single mums and mooch off them. I’m starting to feel like he is mooching off me. The only good thing is he makes me feel good about myself and he is really good in bed.
How do I get rid of him before he ends up sinking his claws in deeper?


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Bravo to you for having the brains to get rid of him! No single mum needs a jobless, gaming addictwd waste of space extra manchild.

Just tell him you don’t want another child so you are breaking up with him until he gets a job and limits his game playing. Your family aren’t in the relationship, you are. They will get over it!

My go-to break up line is "I'm having mental health issues and I need to take a step back and be on my own, I can't be in a relationship right now."

I knew i guy like this. Very manipulative. Ultimate definition of a user. Lazy, he didn't want to work. Except when he wanted a specific then then he would work for a few days just to get the money to buy the thing then go back to playing games all day. Thank god i never had a kid with him.

Well of course he makes you feel good about yourself, he is playing his cards right. (Not to say you don’t deserve it)
The going to the pub he is probably hooking up with other chicks (oh just have time to slip away from work, kitchen counter sex so as he has back ups for when you clue onto him)
Buying or selling drugs?
Meeting up with people that he doesn’t want to introduce you too as they would ruin his game play with a bit of truth here and there.
He would have to be good in bed or he wouldn’t get away with this shit.
Take the kids else where and have a close friend or family come visit while you ask him to leave. If he has no where to go stiff shit, that says more about him then you 😍

Ask if you can borrow 20k to get the mob off your back. Plus an extra 50 for a pack of winnie blues, goon bag and some antifungal cream.

FFS why do people need to ask dumbarse questions like these?!!! “Oh I want to break up with the loser who’s mooching off me but I don’t know how!” Ummmm how bout saying “this isn’t working out, you need to go”

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