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If anyone has any experience of non religious Alcohol anonymous pls let me know.

I do need help. But all I’ve seemed to find is religious self righteousness. I just want to find a way to stop drinking to excess is all.


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Get counselling. Go to AA , if they help then great, if not find another group, don't give up. I found a lot them were a very clicky lot and wasn't for me. But I found another group through my counsellor and they were great. I haven't had a drink for over 25 years now. I hated it at AA that you had to say "hi, I'm Joe Blow and I am an alcoholic" . I hated that word. I use to have a drinking problem and now I don't. I don't hide this fact but I hated how saying that all the time made me feel. The best for you at the moment is counselling. Alcohol can destroy your life and those around you!!! I didn't like all the religious self righteousness as well. Just be yourself, be honest, and most of all please do find help. I tried on my own, but couldn't do it. It doesn't bother me that people drink around me, I even go and buy alcohol for presents etc, when I was going to AA they rammed it down my throat how you couldn't walk into a bottle shop anymore, you needed to make amends, you needed to find God!!!! It just wasn't for me!!! But there are other groups and I'm sure you will do fine once you find what is best for you. Don't get me wrong, AA have helped thousands and are a life-line to many, but it's just not for some!! Good luck.

There are usually some not for profit drug and alcohol counseling options. They still offer groups as well as private sessions and most you can refer yourself. Look upservices for drug counseling and most of them cover or know where to go for alcohol use.
My husband attended a counseling service in one town which was a fail cos he was in denial but moved towns and attended another service, and it was a great help just to even vent, but he was ready to admit he needed help.
So don't get disheartened if the first attempt doesn't help. Try again xxx

Go to another AA group until you find one you gel with.