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What to do for a 2 year old birthday?

Need ideas on what to do for a 2 year old girls birthday. Any suggestions would be great, thank you.


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A teddy bears picnic party. All the kids bring their favourite teddy.

Not much. We took our daughter to the Melbourne aquarium. I paid extra for family photos and a photo book. My daughter loves looking through it now and I love the family photos, I had one of them put on canvas. I think we then had family over dinner and cake.

Until they are about 3-4 they don’t need really understand parties and birthdays. Host a BBQ for your family and friends. Something like that.

 Yes, it's great opportunity to get family and friends around a few cheeky wines and nibbles!!!
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 Not really responsible behaviour to have a loose bogan pi##up around a group of 2 year olds.

Not all SAHMs need to drink 24/7.

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We had a play at the park. Asked everyone to bring a plate to share instead of a present.