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Do you think that kids in private schools get more homework?


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School can set all the homework they like.
We don't believe nor do homework in our home.
Let children grow and learn by exploring their world.

 How does that work? Does it impact your childs grade? Are your kids in primary or high school? Mine are in high school and no way can i just say they aren't doing homework. My youngest gets a maths sheet each week. If they don't do that they get detention. Most teachers say they don't set homework, but that they should be studying each night and sometimes have to bring work home if its not finished in class time
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I know at the boys school I work, the consensus is that the boys do too much extracurricular sports etc so are always tired at school and take in much less, so the teachers feel pressured to give them homework as they don't retain it. My daughter's public school principal basically said teachere a big drop from the amount kids learnt 10yrars ago on Monday. She says it used to be the most productive day of the week.. nown every year she asks parents not to exhaust teir kids over the weekend. Who knows, I think it's hard to blame both sides

My kids are both in public school, my eldest in grade 8. Youngest has never had home work besides home reader books. Eldest only ever brought home a few maths work sheets, and barely anything in grade 7.

I went to private school and had hours of homework every night. Primary and secondary. My kids go to public. They got a fair bit of homework in primary but high school not so much. Homework didn’t really kick in til year 10.

I went to a private school (my eldest has only just started kindy in a public school so I don't know about now) but I always had less homework than my public school friends because the school was smaller and the teachers communicated and made sure not to bombard us all at once and overwhelm us. Where the public school didn't care and they would send home 6 assignments at the same time for all different classes and each one would be due in 2 weeks

My kid is in year 3 public school and she just got homework similar to an assignment my elder daughter has doing a Diploma at tafe!