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Coffee pods, or sachets of coffee

Holding an arvo tea. Which you think is better idea, getting a heap of different flavoured sachets of coffee and using an urn so people can make their own using different flavours, or getting a coffee pod machine?


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Well buying a coffee pod machine for a party seems a little excessive? I would just buy sachets of different flavoured coffee, plain cappuccino and then caramel latte etc

If you really want a pod machine, maybe ask if any of your friends have one you can borrow.

I like to get the flavored creamers or syrups and make a big urn of regular and a small pot pf decaf. Jazz up your coffee anyway you like while making slightly less waste.

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A cheap coffee pod machine if you can find one. Ours was on special for $50 and has performed well.

Obviously pods are loads better than sachets. But getting a machine just for a tea party seems excessive. I’m sure ppl won’t care THAT much.