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Parents think photos of grandkids are inappropriate

So my little girls (5 and 3) were having a bath tonight and were saying they missed their grandparents, so i took a 10 second video of them saying i love you nan and pop and sent it to my mum and dad. My dad totally flipped it and told me not to send stuff like that to him again and that i’m putting them all over the internet. It was a private video between the 3 of us. Im a bit angry that he’s turned something that was supposed to be a nice gesture into something that now makes me feel like i’m the worst mother? 🤔


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In reality he could be charged with having child pornography on his phone. Maybe he knows someone in this situation

 Really?? For grandchildren???
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 Yes absolutely. The laws are so strict
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Please dont send naked photos of your kids to anyone. A) they could be accused of possessing child porn B) it could be hacked by perverts.
At the very , very least use a program to edit over their body parts.

You could be charged with sending alone with your father for receiving them. Its practically child p and its wrong! Please think twice before making the same mistake again.

Why do people think this is ok? Or half dressed kids is ok. Its not. Yet people still post it or sms etc. its innapropriate. In 2020 its not ok. And ur kids have not consented to their naked or half naked bodies being shared. Sorry but its shameful and def not okay. Parents keep ur kids safe! Dont share images like this ever or post pictures online.

Don't beat yourself up. You sound like a very loving mother and daughter 💕

It sounds like your dad is worried they will get hacked and the photos will be distributed. Has he been hacked on his phone or computer before? Did he have someone selling him antivirus software that has said they can access all his photos and information? This sounds like there’s a back story to it and his reaction is from that.

Sadly this is t the 80s anymore where the naked bath pics were not given a second thought, nearly everyone in their 40s has at least one. It’s an offence to produce and distribute naked photos of kids no matter how innocent or well intended. Also the likeliness it will end up elsewhere isn’t so far fetch, security is compromised all the time.

I had a similar problem a few a years ago, i sent a pic to my Dad of him with my then 4 year old with just knickers on while she was laying in his lap, i thought it was just a loving photo, didnt see anything wrong at all, but when he reveived it he almost died!! As soon as he said this my blinkers came off and i saw the photo how others might. Anyway, lesson learned.

 Op here. Thanks for your response, i definitely won’t be sending things like that in future. Unfortunately we all make mistakes 💕
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I don't see a problem!! Its not like you put it on a public forum. And there is nothing evil in it!! I can't believe that pedos make everyone look bad.

Your dad definitely overreacted but I still think you should apologise. I have grandies and I love all pics the kids send me but that's me. I'm sure your dad has his reasons 💙

I think your dad over reacted. I assume you would have been tactful and tried to only video above the waste. Give yourselves time to calm down and maybe talk to him about it at a later date. Maybe there’s been an incident in the past that makes him more sensitive to these things 🤷‍♀️
Just send it directly to your mum next time.

 Same goes sending them to her mum. Child pornography
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 Oh. My. Fu****g GOD! why would sending naked photos of her kids to her mum be any better. Just send photos WITH CLOTHES ON next time!
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 ^^ So angry 😱
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 Yes. Too angry
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 There's a big difference between kids in the bath and child pornography. One is innocent, the other is the epitome of evil. Make no mistake they are very different.
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