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Foster parents.

Any foster mums or dads here? Anything you can share from your experience? I am considering fostering, i live in WA and have 3 kids of my own. Any info would be great, thanks!


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I have a friend who fosters two siblings no other children, they came with a host of troubles it was tough work but worth it and whilst the issues never go away they do improve with time and watching them thrive brings her and her husband great joy and fulfillment in life.

Hi I'm a specialist foster care case manager. Look up Sarah Naish, Dan Hughes, Josh Shipp & Dan seigal.
What an amazing thing to consider doing 💖💖 general rule is no children older than your own, ensure you explain to your children about potential behaviours (defendant on age of all kids) the most common cause of placement break down is issues with biological children. It can be hard on them.

 Very helpful, thank you! :)
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I'm a foster parent. The foster system changed my best friend's life. As a survivor of severe child abuse myself, I wanted to help. I can tell you it is so hard and more than worth it. I'm in the US, so the processes and stuff are different, but the basic idea is the same. These kids have issues, problems, fears.... they are damaged and difficult, but that's why they need us. They don't know unconditional love. They don't feel safe around adults. They don't trust this home to be safe. You have to earn their trust and affection. It's work, but the rewards are beyond any material payout. You can be the turning point in their story where they go from tragedy to happy ending. It's also expensive. Yes you get some support from the government, but it doesn't cover even the most basic needs. Setting up extra beds/cribs, homework desks, school supplies and uniforms, etc; if your own kids do activities or go pn fun outings, how do you block your foster kids from doing them too? I never could. I take all ages from newborn to nearly aged out. I've had teen moms with their babies, too. Every age has it's challenges, but teens are my personal favorite. Most of them have criminal and addiction histories, so you need o be strict

 (Sorry got cut off) But also supportive. I make a point to prepare them for life outside the foster system. School requirements, maybe even uni or trade classes. Jobs and budgeting for bills. Saving up for apartments, furnishings, etc. Learining to cook, clean, and manage time. I have amny success stories that stay in touch and update on their wonderful lives. Their kids call me Nanna. They dance with me at their weddings. They send me uni graduate pics. I also have many failure stories too. Some have come to me as grown men and women because this was the last or only place they felt safe. I've held hands through detox, helped pay for rehab, and once paid for a funeral. I've taken in their kids while they figure out next steps or even go through prison. They stay in your heart and become "your children," too.
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