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Play school

What curious....What are did your kids find the tv show play school boring? I loved play school as a kid and watched it well into primary school but my eldest hasn't liked it since she was 4yo. She said it's so boring and slow. My other child is 5 and still loves it.


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It’s really aimed at 5 and under.
I remember being annoyed when playschool was on when in primary... I remember LOVING gummy bears. That’s it, that would have been year 1-4. Captain Planet. Power rangers. These are what I watched in primary never play school.

The “play” is very much toddler and preschool play in it.

I remember only watching playschool as a kid for the very end (I loved it when they picked which window they were going to look through) and because my fav sesame st was in right after.

I grew up in regional WA and the only tv station back then was the ABC and so kids shows were pretty much limited to Playschool and Sesame St. I’m sure if I had as much choice as kids do today I would never have bothered with Play School at all lol.

My 6yr old complains that is slow and that the singing sounds bad. My 2yr old will watch it if it is on tv but will never beg for Playschool unlike his favourites.

I have a playschool collection of DVDs. My 3 yr old has just watched the farm one. My 6 yr old still loves the dinosaur one. My 8 yr old will watch it with the others. I'm sure he uses them picking it out as an excuse to watch it every now and then. I'd say it just depends on the child and their mood.

My kids have always loved playschool, my eldest was over it aged 7 or so.