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Have you tried a 69

I feel like i cant stop squiriming and loudly moaning when he is going down on me, i cant concentrate on sucking him?


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Love number 69 on my local Chinese menu

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I did once. I found it confusing to the senses.

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I was messing around with my male mistress today (not sure what to call him, I’m female & married, he’s single & available) & he said next time we’re going to 69. I’ve told him no cos I’m too selfish but even thinking about it, I don’t see how it works.
Does the chick literally sit on his face?? 😂

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I wont do it either. We take turns.
Im worried ill hurt his dick as he is so good i will lose control

I have lots when I was younger but really they are just dumb. No more thanks

Yes. It takes some practice and adjustment. My DH really loves going down on me and he pleasures me way more than I do him. Haven’t done a 69 for a while so last night after we finished I suggested we do 69 next time so he gets sucked too

I’m the same. Can’t do a 69 because I’m too busy enjoying myself.