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Breaking up with lover

I have been having an affair with a man for the last 6 months or so and have fallen head over heels for him...I know now he will not and can not give me what I need and want so have broken up with him..any advice on moving forward as I do have to see him regularly at work..I know he is just stringing me along and my heart is sooo broken...I am so cranky at myself and him as I have put my family at jeopardy too


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Consider finding another job. And remember everything you have risked sleeping with a married man. Also remember that he probably doesn’t feel the same as you and is a pretty a scummy person for cheating on his wife. Get some self respect. Forget him. And leave married men alone from now on.

I would use this as an opportunity to "rebound" with your husband, and build on that relationship.

 Exactly this
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I think block and delete his number then look for another job. You will be okay - it’s not worth all of the angst you’re feeling.

Things will get better it just takes time and distance. While you’re still in the same workplace, limit the contact with him.

Stay strong - you will get through this. I think this is obviously a sign that you need to seek counseling for your own marriage or to take steps to move on from your marriage - it’s really hard.

I wish you well - we’re all human and sometimes we make confusing choices!

New job. New number. New town

 New email plus delete all social media.
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I’m going through similar. I wrote a post about missing my affair partner. Our affair has been on again off for over a year. I’m completely and utterly addicted to the affair and can’t snip it in the bud. I will end things, miss him and go back then he will end it and the cycle continues over and over again. Fortunately for us we don’t have to come in regularl contact.
The only way I can see you ending it is to get a new job.