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Husband came home freshly showered

any ideas? it's out of the ordinary.


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Let us know. I hate that we never find out the answers to these questions.

I think you need to give more info here, was he coming home from work, the pub, the gym? Ask him what he was doing today and report back lol.

Asked my husband this and he used to shower at brothels check your bank.


 Hmmm. You obviously have not dealt with liars in your time. She can ask, but I am not sure she will get an honest response.
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 Yeah but surely you'd ask first before going to an online forum to ask strangers for their thoughts. If my husband came home freshly showered I'd say have you just had a shower or where did you have a shower
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 I wouldn't. I'd quietly observe for a bit to see if it's a new pattern. If you ask of course he is going to say no or make up an excuse and then dig even harder to cover his tracks if he is being a sly c**t. Play dumb for a bit, but be smart and just quietly monitor but don't over react. But don't be in denial either because 'nice' men do cheat.
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 ^^^This exactly. I was the first responder to this comment and coming straihht out and asking him, 3 things could happen, 1. He tells the truth and all is good, 2. He lies, 3. He goes on high alert and covers his tracks better.
Best thing to do is keep your wits about you, show no change in emotion and keep an eye out.

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I agree with everyone else.... more info required here. Was he home from work late? Did you make it known to him you noticed he had a shower and if so what was his reaction? Has anything else happened to make you suspicious? Has he been unfaithful before?

Does he know you realise? Has he offered a reason? If it is out of the ordinary I'd just enquire first and feel out the response.

 I agree, ask and see what his response is.
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He’s a tradie and is normally dusty and salty but today his hair was wet and he smelt clean. He wasn’t late

 Maybe he decided to have a sickie & spend he's time elsewhere
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 What happened??????
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When I was banging a married dude he would always shower in the hotel room to get my perfume off.

I come home and shower straight after work if I’ve had a cheeky smoke during the day lol

Maybe he went to the gym or had a workplace accident and needed to shower. Why not ask him instead of come online.

Was it a hotter day? Did he shove his head under a tap and change his shirt? Do you live near a beach? Maybe he went for a swim? Maybe he had a water fight with his colleagues at a building site? I dunno lol but first thing is ask him if you don't like the answer delve deeper and by that I mean go full on investigative mode, drive bys, hacking, night vision goggles