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What is some quiet cleaning that you do when everyone is asleep?

Lately I haven't been able to sleep until 1 am so I would like to clean but my husband and kids are asleep and I am clumsy. Any ideas of those jobs that maybe I have forgotten that could be done quietly at night.


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Laundry (not so much the actually washing part unless you have an outdoor laundry), ironing, cleaning out cupboards, dusting, tidying shelves. I do the majority of my cleaning (except vacuuming) at night once the kids go to sleep, they are heavy sleepers so sleep through basically everything.

Spray and wipe bathrooms, kitchens, fridge, microwave, Windows,toilets. Mr sheen furniture.

Fold washing, ironing, clean windows and window sills, sort linen cupboard, sweep floors, mop, clean fans.

wipe the fridge out or the microwave clean bathroom mirrors. If you are like me and have a lot of wooden furniture you could polish and oil it.