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Do your breasts go flat from breastfeeding?


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Nope. I’ve just finished breastfeeding my son. My boobs look almost exactly the same as they did prekids, just not as perky which I expected but they are definitely not flat.

 First child?
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 Nope, second child both fed until roughly same age too.
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 Have you gained much weight...?
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 No, I haven't, I'm actually lighter now than I was pre kids.
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 I honestly doubt this post.
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 I don't doubt it all all. I was 75kg before I got pregnant and 72.5kg when I checked in to hospital. My daughter was just over 2kg and i came out at 70kg. For some odd reason I lost body fat during my pregnancy. Bubs and I were and are still healthy. We never did get an explanation as to why it happened 😊
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No, they are so much bigger though after breastfeeding 2 kids. Bustier not flatter.

Yes. Fed 3 kids for 12 months.
So much flatter/a lot saggier

No. I've always been busty. Pregnancy made them bigger and then they went back to their original size when I finished breastfeeding