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King size mattress

Good evening all.

We bought a mattress about 18 months ago and although we turn it regularly it's left indentations of our bodies and neither of us can sleep in it for more than 6 hours.

Looking for recommendations on what type of mattress would be good. We have a budget of about 2.5k

We ideally want one that we can flip and rotate.

NB: For the troll. I'm 5f 1 and 60kg and my man is 6f 1 and 77kg so neither of us are over weight but we do have neck and shoulder issues.

Advice appreciated


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Answered by OP

OP here we bought a new mattress. a little over budget but we get a 5 year comfort guarantee and it's flippable and pretty sweet. Thanks for the advice

It’s your bed base

 I disagree I threw out my old mattress and bought a king coil and put it in the old base and so much more comfortable. The base wasn’t the issue for us.
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 We have a king coil too
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We have a mattress that was about 1500 and after 12 months it's done the same with a big hard ridge in the middle and indentations where we sleep!
Could be the base cos we never had problem with our mattresses on our old double bed base, but we decided to get a queen and went downhill from there lol

I bought one from forty winks where you get measured to see what firmness is good for you. You can get half the bed the way you like it and the other half the way your partner likes it. It is so comfortable. Usually around 2700 for a queen but I got it on sale for 2200.

 We also have this one but we measured the same so our mattress is one firmness. I think we got as from snooze though. Sleep to live range I think it was called not sure if it’s still around. You can’t flip it but I rotate it regularly and it’s fine. Mattress is now 10yrs old but is like brand new. No indents no complaints
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