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Unconditional love

How many times in your life have you found it with a partner or lover?


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The only unconditional love I’ve ever felt is for my children.

 Me too
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 Same here
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There is no such thing. Everyone has boundaries they won’t allow to be crossed and that is the way it should be.

I am so sad for you people. You can't talk about love without talking about rape and beating children. What reality are you living in? If that's your life then get out. You take a beautiful subject and turn into something incredibly ugly. I'd have bets I'm older than any of you and i've lived 6 lifetimes of lessons in my lifetime. Stop embracing the negative and look towards the light.

 The question was about unconditional love. Which is love without limits. So of course the ugly comes into question. Because loving someone no matter how ugly they are is unconditional love.

And stop assuming things about people you do not know.

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 Thank you (person who summed up the gist of my comment regarding what unconditional actually means).
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Never, unfortunately. Not even with my husband, who I thought was the 'one'.

I have met a few women over the past few months that are supporting their partners through jail sentences. Now that is unconditional love to me!

Okay, you have really fu***d up but I love you, so let’s work through this together!

(No DV or charges against children involved)

It’s not unconditional love if you love someone that has hurt you or crossed clear human boundaries. You need to live and love with self respect.

 It is unconditional love if you love someone who has hurt you. Because unconditional love means you love no matter what. Even if they hurt you. Even if it means you sacrifice your own naked worth and respect to love that person. No conditions.
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 Yes, but thats not love, is it?
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 ^ that is unconditional means though.
No boundaries.

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 Or love without conditions- you've obviously taken that down a dark path
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 Reading this in the light of a new day, I can see there's a miscommunication here. We're not saying that unconditional love is impossible. We're saying that we know where we draw the line with our love.
It can be difficult to understand if you've never been in a situation where you've been pushed past your limits. For example, I have been abused in the past. I recognise that there are certain behaviours that to me, are deal breakers. They might not be to you. But to me, with my past experience, if my husband (whom I do love) were to cross that line, I'd never be able to love him the same again. And I've seen how much it takes (for me) to turn love in to indifference. I know my limits.
That doesn't mean there isn't a tremendous amount of love to be had. I remember being absolutely in love with my abuser. Thats the only way I allowed myself to stay as long as I did. But love did turn to indifference in the end. Not hate, but certainly no longer love.

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 ^ and your have explained that your love for your husband is not unconditional. You have your limit.
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I found it twice. Once when I was young, i didn't know how lucky i was as I had nothing to compare it to and stupidly thought that everyone loved like that - boy was I WRONG! And now with my amazing husband I thank my lucky stars all the time & feel so blessed. I am never letting him go.

 Unconditional love? As in no matter what? Even if your husband cheated on you many times, beat you every day? Hurt your children? Most people who can honestly say they would still love their partner despite any of that are very very rare. Anyone who says they have experienced it twice, I have to question they know what unconditional actually means.
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 Agreed. I had unconditional love for my husband but at the expense for my own self worth.
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I love my child unconditionally, however have never felt unconditional love myself. In my family love comes with strings attached or something is wanted in return for contact. Sigh.

I have unconditional love with my children and my partner (who is their father).

Unconditional? Not once. I have loved deeply, and I have loved for a long time, but never unconditionally for a partner.
Think about that phrase - unconditionally. Without conditions. It's reasonable to assume that also means without limitations.
Now think about the worst things a person can do. If your partner does that are you still loving them? If your partner was to beat you and rape you would you really keep loving them? What about when they do it repeatedly? At some point, your unconditional has a limit. At least mine does.