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Who is helping you parent? Who is your village


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Me myself and i

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Very lucky to have a large circle of support from my immediate and extended family who live fairly close by. I have older kids and one has significant medical issues and needs constant supervision from a responsible adult. Hoping ndis comes through soon so I can ease the load on family a bit.

My husband and I. That’s it. No family where we are.

My family up until I moved interstate then I found a group of women from my sons prep and they became my village. Do much easier finding your village when you are a Sahm. Really difficult for working mums.

 I don't know, i have a good support network, I don't know many other mothers with kids my age or younger but I have support
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Hubby & I get before And after school care help from my dad for our youngest. Other than that we are on our own. Sometimes in the school holidays my sister will have youngest for a night or 2.

‘Villages’ are for rich white people.

 That's absolute malarkey. I live in an extremely poor, very not white community. My personal villiage is huge. My husband's extended family are all around us. To be honest I could drop our kid off at any community event without a care or concern because everyone in town takes care of all the kids. When we are at local celebrations, there are unattended children safely playing all around, friends of friends making sure someone bought them a hot dog, community officials handing out bottled waters, etc. #REZidentWhiteGirl
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 Do you live in Australia?
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 No, US.
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 😁 you're here! Do you have a blog? I would like to read more about your experiences!
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 This is so awesome ^ this is how it should be I feel! Everyone helping everyone instead of people hiding behind “perfect” fake lives and struggling instead!
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My MIL babysitters probably once a month. My husband looks after the kids on Thursday nights while I play netball. Other then that I'm on my own. The joys of marrying a work-a-holic.

My sister and my best friend.
They can't provide much physical support (one lives far away and the other is very busy with little ones herself), but the emotional support they provide is awesome.
We always chat about parenting issues and behavioural issues with our children.
It really does help with putting things into perspective and trouble shooting when you have people to talk to that are going through similar things.

Me by myself until I met my other half 4 years ago. He doesn't really help me parent but just having a male figure in the house helps heaps and he does provide a bit of guidance. My family have always lived interstate, my mother went 5 years without seeing me and in that time I had 3 babies, so I'm not up there on anyones list of priorities for giving help.

My mum and my mother in law. I'm very lucky that they are available and love helping out. Also that they get along well with me and each other.

 Living the dream! :)
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My partner and I.... I would love to have a village :(

 Same, but I also see they come with feedback, annoying habits and can be of varying quality. I think it’s a complete myth, we don’t live in a village so how can one even think it could be real!
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It is just myself and my husband. Our families live in another country.

My husband and I are it. My family live far away. Husbands family not overly interested.