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What would you do?

Clean or sleep? at the moment I feel I should have matchsticks holding my eyes open.


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Thanks everyone I will have a sleep and worry about the rest later or tomorrow. The house is pretty clean but I just like to do certain chores on certain days.

Today is my first day in a long time that both kids were at school and i have a day off work, so much houseworm todo! But i just had the best 3 hour nap!! Feel so much better, il tackle housework another time ☺ go sleep!

I just had this same question n I choose sleep :) I'm so glad I did

Clean. I have a killer migraine today as I was up until 2am cleaning, then got up at 6.30 with the baby. But I have OCD and I wouldn't have slept knowing my house looked like it did

Sleep. Other chores will still be there when you wake up.

Pull yourself together and clean! Having a clean home is more important than sleeping, cleanliness is next to godliness!

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OP It can wait until tomorrow. I have done what needs to be done today and I can mop and dust tomorrow. My house wasn't dirty i just like to stick to a routine for cleaning and today was mopping and dusting which I do both twice a week anyway.
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