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13yr old boy Birthday celebrations. Need help!

He is having 3 mates over for a sleepover. Movies/gaming plus take out etc. what do I do for the next day? I figured they’d be going home around 11am, now my son has said he wants to take them to Timezone or gravity (trampoline place) I’m on a tight budget at the moment, any ideas on how to make him happy and dare I say it “Keep up with the Jones’s” Thanks for reading


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I would say one or the other, not both. Since he is already having the sleepover then he can choose to go somewhere next birthday. Thats how I do it with my older kids anyway, there's no need to have both. You will probably find they will stay up half the night anyway so will be happy to have a lazy morning with a cooked breakfast.

I’ve done this with both my boy’s birthday sleepovers this year. As with other suggestions - after brekky take them to a nearby park to kick footy or soccer ball around, play basketball, take the dog if you have one. They always have fun.

Oh, btw, (not sure if all time zones are the same)
But the one near me does a 45 min package for $20. One card to use and can use the card every 30 seconds. So could essentially buy one cRd for $20 and get them all to share it around. We do it for 2-3 kids. Not long to wait. Just an idea

Make a fancy brekkie. By the time they get up and eat, it will be time to go home.

 Sorry to say but 13 year old boys are probably likely to eat what they need to, within 30 mins. And probably won’t appreciate a fancy brekky!! Take them to Maccas for brekky then to a park to kick a ball. Will expend more hours and energy etc.
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Can you take them to ride bikes at the park? It already sounds like a great party.

If they can swim you can drop them at the local pool so they can tire themselves out!

I would suggest after breakfast they can go to a nearby field and kick the ball around, or if they’re into basketball (like my 14yo).
Keeps them fit and active after a night of movies/gaming and sitting on their bums lol
Happy birthday to your son

Groupon often has BOGOs on those places. Maybe if you could get them all in for half the price it would be more affordable

See if the trampoline place do birthday bonuses (like 1 free entry on the date). Maybe you can set up your own paintball party (think of the scene in 10 things I hate about you, either somewhere local or in your backyard). Can you take them out for a midnight ghost hunt instead?