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I hate my job and I hate going there so much that I'm getting overwhelming anxiety about it.

My hands shake. My heart races and I cry. I hate it so much.


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My husband has gone through this before and is currently going through it now with his boss. The advice I would give, based on his experience is to leave but document everything before you go. When you do leave, in your resignation letter, make sure you explain that you are leaving due to work place bullying (if it is) or if not why you are leaving ie too much expected of you, too little training, too many hours, unsafe work conditions etc. That way it is on record and maybe something will get done about it. My husband wrote something simiolar and it caused a lot of problems for his work as a result even though he left.

 She hasn't said anything about bullying.....

Theres no explaination

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Happened to me too. My manager was a nasty bully with many complaints against her. They did nothing but tell her off when she started on me. She knew she could get away with it so just got worse. Every time I entered the car park I began feeling sick. When the company logo was in sight I would start to panic, heart racing and anxiety setting in. I ended up quitting. It was the only way to get my mental health back on track. I’m so much happier now that I don’t go there.

Work at getting another job ASAP. I understand how you feel and it's awful.

Been sucks. Start looking for something else. You will feel better when you do i promise!

I had the same situation. Male boss applying systematic bullying to me and others, and protected by a corrupt higher level manager.
My advice is to look for another job. You need to get out of there as soon as you can. If the manager above will not deal with it, it will never improve.
What you describe you are feeling is signs of PTSD.
If you stay she will destroy your confidence.
I was lucky I was rescued by another very supportive manager offering me a position.

It might be worth talking to a law firm that specialises in cases of bullying, workplace injury.
Note down everything that she does or says that makes you feel inadequate. Stay as close to the exact words used, and describe the behaviour. Detail all the previous instances.
If she is doing it to others, there may be interest in a joint action against the company. Her boss is compliant in enabling her behaviour.

This sort of thing is far too common in workplaces, and is actually no different to Domestic Violence; using power to psychologically destroy other people.

Quit im a for people telling g workplace to go.f themselves. Yes we HAVE to work but at what cost?

Talk with your doctor, or someone you trust.

I'm in the same boat at the moment too but already planning my escape! Can't wait to see the looks on their faces next week! So over it

Op of this comment. You are clearly bored and lead a sad lonely life. Poor you

I wrote a reply above. When I left I did some immature things just so I could leave that place with a giggle and not always have the horrible memories. I did a massive sneeze into my managers jumper. That wasn’t planned but I couldn’t find a tissue and her jumper was right there. I messed with her food in the fridge. It was supposed to be a shared fridge for staff lunches but she would fill it with her junk so that no one else could use it. Sometimes I think she may have crashed there the night coz the store room was full of her personal crap. I Messed up some filing. Nothing that affected customers, just management crap.

 Wow people like you are arseholes.
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 No, people like my manager are arseholes. Stealing money and trying to blame it on me saying I can’t count money properly. Telling customers I’m a useless newbie when I’d worked in the company longer than her. Telling customers she’s got cancer to gain sympathy when she doesn’t have cancer. Faking injuries for compo payouts and then selling the medication she was given. Running out of the store and taking days off because her sister was dying when she is an only child.
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What's the issue with your job? With lack of details you just seem like a sook

 Sook? Was that really necessary or a tactic to get her defensively explaining herself?
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 Hey OP,don’t reply to this troll.
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 And your language makes you seem like a bitch
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 Sooo... still no response from OP
Are there any actual issues or are you sooking?

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 She’s choosing to ignore you because you’re a troll. She doesn’t need to explain anything to you. It doesn’t matter what’s upsetting her at work. She hasn’t asked for advice so you don’t need to know details.
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 Heartless bitch
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 You sound like a bully. You probably are responsible for making others feel this way.
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 Thanks guys. Yeah I don't want to get into it with miss nasty knickers. Thank you ladies for being supportive
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 Your all a bunch of weak a*s sooky la's

Get another fu****g job ya big bitch

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 Oh boo hoo
I dont like my job
Cry winge cry
Don't bother doing anything the f**k about it!!

I'll just write anonymous shit on a fu****g retarded website and expect sympathy cause im a fucken sook

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 ^wow. Not only are you nasty but you're clearly not very smart are you. Run along, your village is looking for you.
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 ^and FYI I am trying to find another job. There's high unemployment where we live so I'm stuck until I find something.
I am terrified for my safety, dealing with crackheads and trash. I do my best but fear for my safety.
Im not a sook, but you certainly are a vicious and bitter person.
I hope your life improves so you stop attacking and degrading mums in a forum who are trying to support each other in life.
And if this forum is so offensive to you then don't come on here. Simples. Now go away and get some professional help, life can't be good when you are nasty way you are.

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