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Immunisation and government payment

How many parents here will immunise kids cause they want money from Centrelink ?


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We are high income earners and are unable to receive government benefits. I do not immunise my kids for government pay outs, I immunise them to protect them from disease.

 If you and your partner are both working 1 day per week then you are eligible for CCR which is 50% of childcare fees up $7500 per year. Not income based everyone gets it
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I assume that most people here immunise already. And they will just carry on immunising. The non-immunisers are not particularly reliant upon Centrelink anyway. They're generally on a comfortable income, and have the money to fund organic food purchases, hemp clothing and alternative treatments.

one of my friends is sooking that she is going to lose benifits. i can never say it to her face (though if she continues ti bitch and moan about it i just might!!) but if she feels so very strongly about NOT vaccinating the money shouldnt factor into it. simple. She has the audacity to tell me her son has austism BECAUSE of the vaccines. i want to facepalm every time i talk to her or read her fb status.

 Everyone even anti vaxers know it doesn't cause autism. She might just really need to blame something for it happening.
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 nope- she deadset believes he is now on the scale because of an "adverse reaction" and she wont vaccinate her two younger kids now. i just drop the topic as soon as she brings it up OR i pointey ignore it. luckily we share other interests and have other things in common- else i just could not put up with it. i have casually mentioned she should get her kids imminised under hospital supervision if she is that concerned about 'adverse reactions.' she really cant afford to not recieve the benefits. her partner has been out of decent work for years!
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Nope not going to change a thing for me. My kids don't go to day care and I never planned to put them in so not going to greatly affect me. And I'd never put money over my children's health anyway

The main bulk of non immunising parents statistically is wealthier families and people who don't either need the money or don't even get it to begin with.

funny how everyone assumes everyone just takes money from the government- some people actually support their own families and therefore are free to make their own choices regarding their children

 I was going to make a simular point. My kids are vaccinated and not really young so they've had their shots and will just need boosters or specific age ones down the track so it doesn't affect me. But we are a family who has not and does not receive anything from centrelink so even if i had babies or little kids and didnt want to vaccinate. The cut to centrelink payments would have zero affect to our family.
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 Same. If they want to make parents vaccinate their kids they will need to ban unvaccinated kids from child care and school. Im not saying that is what they should do just that it would be more effective.
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 I haven't found this to be the case. Upper NSW where a lot of the anti-vaccers are, are absolutely not well off at all.
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 It doesn't really matter what you perceive to be the case the statistics are that its more so the wealthier families who don't
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I'm just waiting for this to become exciting

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 I posted a reply to your comment and it's been deleted.
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I have selectively vaccinated. We will have school age children next year. We are not on a huge income but it will not change my mind. I didn't make the decision based on income. I won't change my decision based on income either.

 I have a friend who does this (if its the same as you) she gets some vaccinations and waits until they are a bit older.
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 Yep that's what I'm doing. (I am OP above not of main post but this comment). One I am still unsure of I will ever do it. And one I am waiting until just before puberty.
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I think this is a great idea. I will be vaccinating my children, and all my family and in laws are fully vaccinated too. I only know of one family that don't vaccinate, but then again, they don't believe in doctors or birth control either...

You don't get more money. You lose the benefits. And, like somebody has already said, it's usually the wealthier families that don't vaccinate.

 i live in the northern rivers. Believe me- the people here who dont vaccinate cannot afford to lose family payments. low socio economic area and obviously low education levels. Im waiting for the uproar and rallies of the "hippies" once the payments stop. So many children die of whoopong cough in this area... and so many people are ignorant to prevent that.
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 You're an idiot if you think you can tell an outrageous lie to make pro vaccination argument more dramatic and think no one with half a brain will call you out on it.

There's not a lot of kids in your area dying of whooping cough. Totally dramatic bullshit. The nation stats make you look like an idiot.

Youre as bad as the crazy anti vaccinated who site autism.

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Why are people thinking there are no risks to vaccines? Ask the doctor giving the vaccine and they'll say they are proven safe. They will stop short of giving you the Garrantee.

It's a questions no Heath Care professional can answer. Ask why then if I go to the CDC website in America, does it list side affects to each vaccine. In some cases side affects listed mild through to severe. Severe including autism, retardation and even death. The vaccine is manufactured at the same factory and shipped across.

That was where I started. I have done a lot of research since and looked at many studies, medical journals and papers written. I looked at why some vaccines where even created like measles mumps and rubella (German Measles). These are childhood diseases which ate usually not life threatening and once caught protect you from other things. I looked at what other countries say because I found a cloud covering our Australian sites. I believe our society is being fed false information or omitting certain covenant truths. So I say research again and ask more questions. Like why is an air born disease vaccinated via the blood? I would have thought an oral vaccine would be more pleasant than a jab. Especially to an infant. If my kid is vaccinated why should I care if someone else's isn't? Which strains of bacteria does this vaccine cover? (So you were not told there are different strains of whopping cough.) Is the vaccine going to cover me for life? If i have the chicken pox vaccine, what happens if i come into contact with chicken pox or shingals as an adult? (These are two viruses you do not want as an adult or while pregnant.) Heard immunity seems to have different meanings. What do you belive it !eans? How much does each vaccine actually cost?

I'm not pro or anti vaccinations, but we are being led to believe certain things which are not true or have a body of evidence disproving certain claims. I also believe we should be given a choice. I also withholding food or money to a mother to force her to immunise is going down a dangerous authoritarian dictating path representing a not so long ago past which many seem to have forgotten. We are supposed to live in a free country aren't we?

 The mother having food withheld is free to get a job and pay for it herself.
The government has actual scientists that study this, I will listen to them rather than someone with a bachelor of Google.

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 I guess it's why the more educated and higher income earning families are more against vaccinations.
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 Walking outside has risks, driving has risks, eating packaged food has risks. Life is full of risks and we make educated judgements based on those risks and the facts are that for a vast majority of the population vaccination is safe and effective at preventing deadly disease. While i agree that forcing people to do something that they do not believe in is a slippery slope to worse things vaccination is about herd immunity not about the individual. We live in large societies and have a social responsibility to protect those who cannot be protected ie. Children who genuinely can't be immunised. Anti vaccine supporters are inherently selfish in their approach and recklessly spread misinformation to get support. If their claims were true they would not need to do such things, science would speak for itself but time and time again it hasn't. Also i wouldn't pay much attention to what the gun wielding god obsessed Americans have to say on the subject of health & science
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 This is so funny.
I think the commenter confuses Australia with Anerica; how odd.

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 I agree it's definitely a government conspiracy, that's why I wear a hat made out of foil at all times. I know the government is trying to control me with vaccines because I read it on the internet.
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 You would care because vaccines are administered at different life stages... Idiot
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 I find it hard to believe that people think they know better than a Dr when it comes to health.
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 I knew better than 5 doctors who told me my daughter had hand foot and mouth and to go home and rest.
I saved her life when I took her to the hospital demanding tests.
I knew better than the doctors when they told me I'd need knee surgery or I'd never be able to play high impact sport again.
I know a fair few friend who's also known more than the doctor for themselves and their kids.

Doctors like everyone else can actually be wrong.
Just like they use to say me yet was totally safe in vaccines. Oopes sorry guys our bad it was actually pretty dangerous... Let's try again?

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 Wow, are you actually saying contracting measles, mumps or rubella as a Child, infant or pregnant woman is risk free ? Do you know how many people have life long disabilities or have DIED because the vaccine wasn't available yet or because they contracted it before they were old enough to be vaccinated ? What other diseases are you protected against once you have contracted these- other than being re infected? Can you even supply the reference of the site that says autism is a severe side effect??!!! What you are saying is completely idiotic and you're obviously getting your 'research' from all the wrong places. FYI 95% of the population would need to be vaccinated before herd immunity is in action - which is why immunisation and vaccination is so strongly recommended by SCIENCE AND MEDICAL PROFESSIONALS - vaccination isn't just about you- you selfish, ignorant idiot. it's about protecting everyone!!!!
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 How is choosing whether or not to inject something into your own body not about you?
You're being selfish by making others choice about YOU ....
You need herd immunity you need others to make the same choice you did, you need people to make the decision you want them to.

They can do whatever the f**k they like. You need to do what works for you and let it be.

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So your bed rest is not over yet????

  Not me- I'm a lot more subtle

For example- spoiler alert - my kids name could have been John John.

I have controversial opinion and happy to discuss as adults fire away with a topic

Cold sore lady

That's more my style.....

But I more just like to jump on board what others start.

Good try though 😊

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 But here's the plot twist- my John John thread got hijack by someone pretending to be me- and the said they'd named the baby- but it was the same first name I'm naming this darling little pain in my a*s!!!

Tripped me out that one did.
That's part of what makes it fun you plant a seed sometimes accidentally (ie cold sore post) and it takes on a life of its own

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Apparently you just fill out a form saying you want to be excluded for cultural and regions reasons many of my friends have done that and now are not going to have any penalty

 As of Jan 1 the only exemption you can obtain is a medical one, the ones you mentioned will no longer be valid. It was only formally passed this week I believe, to emlinate all other objections.
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No one should have to foot the bill for your children anyway