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Do you use afterpay ?

The financial crime watchdog will look into whether popular buy-now-pay-later platform Afterpay has become an avenue for criminals to launder money and fund terrorism.
Austrac says it has identified issues with the company’s compliance and will examine a number of potential issues, including its verification of customers and its anti-money-laundering and counter-terrorism financing (AML/CTF) risk assessment.

The watchdog’s chief executive, Nicole Rose, said the controversial payment sector had experienced rapid growth in recent years and this investigation should serve as a warning to other financial services to comply with these laws.


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This would not be surprising.
All the loans and payment systems outside the official banking system currently have no controls applied to them. There has been a recent resurgence of "payday lender" organisations that are sending small businesses that now cannot get finance from banks because of the tougher lending criteria, bankrupt.
There are no restrictions on the interest they can charge.
Any of these uncontrolled financial systems are a fertile ground for international criminal gangs.
Where there is an opportunity to make money illegally, they will be into it, before the rest of us, including the police, even realise the opportunity exists.

Most financial institutions won’t give home loans if you have a current after pay account. I’ve never used it as I’ll save for what I want but when we seen a mortgage broker he asked if we had used it and said if we did it would need to be paid off and not used for 6 months before people are considered

I love afterpay... i use it all the time, its great if you manage your money well, ive never paid anything more then what ive spent.