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My baby just wont take a bottle or formula!!!! F**k me why is this sooooo hard!!!! Arrrrrgh!!!


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What type of bottle are you using? Perhaps a different shaped nipple? Maybe it's a bit hot or too cold? Their mouths can be sensitive. Try to relax. I know it's hard but your tension and frustration can be sensed by bubs. This is the hardest and least rewarding job you can do in many ways. No one can prepare you for it. No class, no book, no mentor, doctor, parent, or friend.... but it's also wonderful and when your child is grown, the wonderful parts will out weigh these days in your mind.

My friend had the same problem, she left him with her mum until he was hungry enough to take the bottle. She had tried for months to do it before this but because he could smell her milk and knew it was there, there was no way he was having the other stuff. Even expressed milk he wouldn't take from the bottle.

 Do you have someone else that can feed bub? He might take the bottle from someone else.
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Happened with my breast-fed babies too. I had to leave them with their father to start bottle-feeding. That is, I left the house, and left him to it. When I tried to transition them they just refused.

What age will bub be when you need to have the surgery? Do you want to continue bf? If you will only be out of action for a day or two and bubs can have enough water and eat meals then im sure it will have very little impact on them. But if under 8 or so months baby as frustrating as it will be, wont starve themselves even if they only have a few sips at a time. Both my boob fed bubs have been horrible to wean, took me having to have them have a sleep over at nannys to take a bottle expressed or formula. Goodluck

 I am having chemo- have been delaying it but need to hurry up so the cancer doesnt spread or get any worse. So far the tumor hasnt changed much at all but still... i want it out! Will possibly need afew rounds of chemo so ive decided to stop altogether with breast feeding. i have only had 2 scans so far as it wasnt found long ago but once bubs is on the bottle i can progress with treatment. Bubs is 5months old. And thank you to everyone for the suggestions- i am getting there slowly its just an extra stress and i do realise it isnt bubbys fault at all- its just so hard trying to explain to a baby that she needs to have her bottle lol!
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 All the best to you mumma! It seems like an impossible task but i promise it will all work out, it may involve a few hard days but bub will take to a bottle. Good luck with all that you are facing xx
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I have 4 different bottles tomeetipee, adventi, medella and pigeon- he will only take a bottle on a blue moon. Ive tried 2 different formulas- karicare and s26. Driving me nuts. The kid is going to starve if she doesnt drink them soon. I am having major surgery and cannot continue to feed her! I have been trying for months to slowly introduce them but it just isnt fricking working! I just need to chill the f**k out and work this out but its so hard and no one can help me!!! Driving me batty

 She* whoops lol
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 Definitely try getting someone else to feed while your not around, ive heard that work for a few friends too
I have heard of some using a sippy cup with formula too, not sure how old your bub is but would that be an option?

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 Look up minbie! The teats will work in your avent bottle. I've tried so many bottles it's not funny, but bub latched straight onto the minbie. But she's on the newborn teat at 3months. The one month plus flowed too fast for her.
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also could you try a sippy cup, only way mine would have formula just went with one from 4months had to try a few as flow was a bit quick.
the take and toss were the most successful then switched then to a more sturdy bottle.

Try breastfeeding bubs with silicone nipple shields on first so they get used to the silicone feel in their mouth. I used shields with mine because i found breastfeeding very painful without them and she took to the bottle like a champ. A friend of mines bub was about 6-8mths old and had always refused bottles so i suggested this to her and after using the shields for a few days she finally got bub to take a bottle easily! Good luck!

Happened with mine when first in childcare. The amazing girls there tried to feed him his milk via a medication syringe for the first few times, then he saw the other babies using the bottle, got hungry and just took it. The rest is history. They'll get it eventually. They won't let themselves starve......

I have used closer to nature which worked really well until they didn't, I now use the Woolworths own brand bottles and they work really well and are very cost effective

Hugs. I tried every bottle and every trick in the book and my kid just wouldn't do it. Eventually when he waz 1 he would have a sippy cup. Self weaned at 15 mo. Only ever drink out of cup

Have you tried different brands of formula and bottles?