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Want to surprise my husband and spice up our sex life.

I’m not wild at all and pretty vanilla when it comes to sex. I get embarrassed pretty easily but really want to excite him (and myself) as I know he doesn’t get it anywhere near as much as he’d like.


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I did a lucky dip with my hubby that was a lot of fun. We both wrote down a few fantasies and things we wanted to do / try. We were going to pull just one out each but ended up going through all of them. It was by far the best sex / weekend we have ever had.

Bend over, spread your cheeks and let him go hard fu****g your anus. Let him blow in there. He'll love it and you'll both be more excited.

 Lol yeah this will work 😂
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 Worked for me!
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Order some toys, costumes or lingerie online and surprise him wearing it.

handcuff him in bed get some neon lights and striptease like Demi Moore did by the time you actually get to doing the deed it wont take much effort haha


With a girl or guy ?

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 You’ll have to pick that
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Get a chair and tie his hands and feet to it. Blindfold him and go for it.