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I have to go to a dance ,and I'm super insecure about my toes and the only cute shoes I can find are open toed. How do I get past my insecurity? Should I just get the shoes or what?


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Perhaps go get a pedicure and have your toenails painted all pretty! I'm sure no one will notice your toes! Buy your pretty shoes and enjoy!

Can't believe you couldn't find a nice pair of high heel shoes or pumps that aren't peep toe. There's an awful lot of shoe shops....
Also boots can be a nice look with some dresses.

 Noooo, boots and dresses are not a good look....unless it is a country hoe down!!
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Boggles my mind what people are insecure about. I don't know why you would even think anyone would notice or care what your toes look like? I mean how weird can they POSSIBLY be??

Have a look at They have a great range of pretty flats and closed toed heels that aren't boring at all