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Xmas breakfast

What can i do thats special for xmas breakfast, thats not pancakes? Also kinda simple going away in the afternoon, just 4 of us


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Toasted waffles with ice-cream and strawberries, a favourite junky cereal you don't usually buy, French toast, fruit salad and fancy yoghurt, Croissants or scones with jam and cream, Warmed baguette with choice of nutella or bacon.

OP Great ideas thanks!
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Ham and eggs (on the BBQ or in the pan) yum! With mushrooms and tomato. Serve with warmed croissants or toast

I prepare ham and cheese croissants say before and stick them in the oven Xmas morning and make a fruit platter

 Same here
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 This what we always have every Xmas breakfast
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 Same 😊
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I do xmas brekky in the slowcooker. Pop a can of cinn scrolls, some milk and egg whipped, and nuts in there. Turn it on low when "santa" goes to bed. A few hours later the kids rip through everything and then eat it. Hardly no clean up too

I found this awesome recipes where you put croissants into a dish with peaches and cream (or coconut cream I can’t remember) i made it as a Xmas brekky and it went down a treat. Have done it a few times, it’s quite a sweet brekky though.

 I just googled and found a similar recipe!! (The one I had was only ever so slightly different)

So nice for Xmas brekky :)

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