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How many days a week does your toddler go to daycare?

My 2 year old will be starting daycare soon, she is delayed and also has hearing issues.
Her speech therapist thinks she will improve greatly in daycare.
How many days a week does your toddler go to daycare?


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My youngest started at 2.2 cos she was begging for 6 months and throwing a tantrum every single time she wouldn’t be left at her sisters kindy.
We didn’t need the care so it was her “extra curricular” I wasn’t going to do a settling in period if she didn’t love it I was going to pull it.

Well she didn’t even say goodbye and still threw a tantrum when it was time to leave 7 hours later.
She did one day a week for a year then this year she has done 2.
Next year I was just going to change her to kindy for her last year and she would do the standard 5 day fortnight but I ended up taking the 2 day week with longer hours and she will stay one more day at her current kindy (it’s a Montessori day care so it’s all just playing basically)
So next year as a 4 yo she will do 3 days a week.
It was hard to let go for me as I wasn’t going to send my kids to kindy at all.
But she’s loved it from the start. Gotta let them do them sometimes. 🤷🏼‍♀️

OP Thanks, this has really helped!
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You abandoned your sprogs

OP Wtf is a sprog ..?
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I am raising my own children

OP You still raise your children even if they go to daycare.
Each to there own. 🙂

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OP Thanks 🙂
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 Raising your own kids 🙄
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 Perhaps we actually go to work so we can do things like, umm, earn money to feed our children? How about that hey?
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Both my kids go 4 days a week. We both work and study so it’s a necessity for us. They love daycare, we built them up to that amount of days, they didn’t just start at 4 and they cope really well. Some days my youngest gets a bit upset on drop off but he is fine after a couple of minutes. My eldest doesn’t even bat an eye when I leave. Some days I struggle to get them to leave daycare as they love it so much. I love that they love their centre and their educators. It’s makes me feel less guilty about being away from them so much.

 They are 4 and almost 2.
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5 days
7am to 5pm

OP Has it been hard on your little ones?
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