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WTF is wrong with the government ?

2 drug addicts had their 8 kids taken away and can keep baby number 9
here are decent people who need IVF and cant get pregnant with IVF and need an egg donor and here we have fertile junkies
i think they need to be sterilised
poor kids are now separated from eachother


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You ask what is wrong with the government. I ask what is wrong with the people who sacrifice their children for their next hit.....

Being infertile isn't other people's problem.
It's irrelevant.

Not really governments fault except for letting them keep one we do need better adoption laws

 Adoption laws are to protect children, not to give people a family if they can't do it naturally
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So you are saying that the Government is the blame for people being infertile?

 Lol the Libs won't stand for those kind of accusations 😂
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life is unfair the sooner you realize that the better off you will be.

What does SMH mean? See it often but have no idea 😕

 Abbreviation meaning 'shake my head'
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 Thanks 😊
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 Sydney morning herald
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 That's what I thought too
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Sadly we can't force people into sterilisation.

 We can't but I do know of a woman who was Court ordered to have her tubes tied.
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 My mum had 8 kids, the last was a c sect. We all think the Dr tied her tubes without her knowing so she couldn't have anymore.
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