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Have you ever...

Have you ever had sex with a police man to get out of a ticket etc?


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Really i never met a hot be honest I never met a nice one...their always arrogant.

 You're in the wrong town then. I'm in a suburb south of Perth and there's at least 3 hot ones here. Or maybe they just bring them out when we do the school visits. Meh, either way, yum.
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 Might take a trip to as then
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 ^WA bloody predictive text!
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Come to the Gold Coast some of them are sooooo sexy!!!!! Muscles and tanned dreamy blue eyes, tall haha

No. But for some of the policemen I've met, I might consider it. Phwooooar!

 That's why I was asking. I passed a cop on the road today and I though If I were single and he pulled me up if be asking for a patdown 😍💦
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