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Missing my affair partner

My affair partner recently ended things. We had been seeing each other for about a year. At first I felt relief that it was over and I got away with it. My marriage has improved, but I miss him the addiction like crazy. It’s been 2 months. Will it get easier?


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It will, but it will take time. Getting away with an affair actually does light up the same areas of your brain as any other addiction, so you've essentially got to detox. Time, distraction. Preferably a healthy new habit

 Exactly this. I still feel the high just thinking of the memories. He left it open so there is still a chance of reuniting but I’m doing my best to stay away.
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Wow what a disgusting peice of work you are. You dont deserve your husband.

 She probably did a lot of that.........but not with hubby
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Do you want your marriage to work? If so, sounds like your affair guy did you a massive favour. Put your energies into your marriage and your husband and soon your cheating will become a bad memory.

 Thanks. I’ve been trying.
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 Good advice
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It does get easier. I was the other woman for 6 years. Took me a lot time to get over. It has been 2 years since I walked away. The past 4 weeks he has made regular contact with me. I feel nothing towards him anymore.

 Wow 6 years. Were you also married? I would do everything possible to avoid all contact.
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Amen. Hate judgmental people that do crap in their own lives but criticize others.

Your going to hell so don't worry about him

 I’m going there regardless.
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If you're going to be a judgy bitch, at least learn to use the appropriate words.

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