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What was your experience of mother’s group?

Have you made life long friends? Do you still stay in touch?


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Mine was 20 years ago. The women dumped their kids in the outside play area which had a gate with no lock. Kids probably couldn’t get out but anyone could come in. Then they stayed inside drinking coffee and eating and would bitch about EVERYTHING. The group cost was going up from 50c to $1 and the mothers bitched about the price hike while having a smoke at the end of the session, I stayed outside to watch my girl and they told me to let her be and come inside. While I was outside two men, separately, came through the gates to take a shortcut through to the park on the other side. Creepy. And my one year old got shoved to the ground by a three year old because she went to look at her doll. I also got told off for not bringing fruit even tho I was never told to when I registered to join. I felt very unwelcome and I never went back. I had two more kids and never joined another mothers group.

 Omg I wouldn't either. What a horrible experience
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I'm not in touch with one single person. I joined later and they were already so clicks so I didn't stay long

The local community nurse centre formed a mothers group for babies born within a certain timeframe (might have been 1-2 months) and it started before babies were 3 months old. The first few weeks were at the centre as they had a nurse telling us health/baby info, then we chose to meet at cafes or houses after that. It went ok, fizzled out when people went back to work. I asked a few of the mums out for solo coffee meetups to see if we could form a friendship, I ended up hanging out with one of them a few times but again it just fizzled out.

However, my mum is still friends with two of the ladies from the mothers group she went to 24 years ago when my younger brother was born! One friendship is closer than the other, and my parents visit their family at Christmas, they catch up during the year, and the boys were friends until my brother died last year. So, you might get lucky and strike up a great friendship like my mum did, or you might not. It depends on both parties putting in effort (e.g. after I invited people to coffee or for a house playdate, most those ladies never reciprocated so I wasn't going to keep trying, obviously we just didn't quite click).

Our group was from our mach clinic group. We caught up for a while until most mums went back to work. We had a couple of other catchups on weekends. Some formed close friendships but I didn't really. Now some of the kids are at the same preschool, so see them around for a chat.

I went to one when my eldest was about 3 months old. Within 4 catch ups myself and 3 others women broke off and formed our own little group. We are all still friends now, not as close as we were when we had our first babies because life has us busy but definitely still friends. Our eldest kids are 5 now, we’ve all had second babies.

The main reason we formed our own group was because the others girls in the mothers group were so negative. They judged really hard, and they just weren’t the kind of people we wanted our children to grow up around.

We formed mother's group from a clinic run group. Kept meeting up for a year or so. Then one joined f*cking Tupperware and kept wanting to turn our group catch up into a Tupperware party. So we just stopped meeting. I was really pissed off about it as it was my social lifeline & a genuinely non judgemental group.

I'm still friends with one of the group, although tbh I'm not sure for how much longer.

We formed our own mothers group from our extended social circle. It was great for about five years, then two had a big falling out and it all went to shit.

My eldest is only 4.5 yrs so I suppose too soon to say I’ve made lifelong friends, but so far we’re all still friends. We don’t all catch up as often as we used to and I’m closer with one or 2 of the other mums than I am with others. But I couldn’t have got through that first year of motherhood without them. They were my main support as I don’t have family nearby, and none of my other friends had babies at the time.

my mothers group was awful. The mums had all pretty much been friends for many years prior and didn't show any interest in getting to know newcomers

Mine was wonderful and supportive for 3.5 years until one of the kids whacked another really hard (neither were my child) and the mum of the kid who got whacked didnt want to hang around the other any more. It just sort of faded away after that. I find when kids start school its harder to keep up with anyone who doesnt go to the same school anyway.

Not great. Very competitive and boring, going over every minute detail of their routine. Not my kind of people unfortunately.

I went to our local one and the majority of ladies were lovely. These ladies invited me separately to their homes and whilst we all still went to playgroup we also organized meetings outside of it as actual friends. My best friend from kindergarten’s older sister was there and we became better friends through it. I credit these ladies for helping me become a mum. When we all had our second child it was around the same time and so we went through the whole experience again together. I went back to work and moved states so we eventually lost touch, I’m sad about that.

No i heard some horror stories so I avoided it

 Will you avoid sending your kids to a friends house ?
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 I was not a place that i could trust anyone sorry if i've offended you in some way but you don't know me or my life
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