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Would you have an abortion if you were Pregnant with multiples to reduce chance of the other baby or babies surviving ?


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Do you mean 'increase' the chance of other babies surviving mot 'decrease?'

I couldn't answer something like this unless I was in that position

 Agreed. You’d certainly want second opinions and not a decision you’d taken lightly.
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It's called a reduction of multiple pregnancies. Unless one fetus is specifically at risk or has discernible abnormalities, they will terminate the most accessible. There is a risk of miscarrying any number of the remaining babies.

Not sure it works that way. I could be wrong but I think if you have an abortion you would loose all the babies(?) If you can just abort one I would still think it would be very risky for the other babies (infection etc)

 Injection in the sac around bubs
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 Lose not loose
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Maybe if I was having like 7, and didn't want extra risks for myself either.