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Was your house move the right one?

We moved interstate about 9 months ago. We still own a place in the old City. We have been wondering if we made the right decision. Anyway we are back at old City visiting friends and family and it was an instant. Nope, no way are we moving back here. So glad we followed our hearts, took the risk and moved. Have you moved house and regretted it?


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Yep. We moved from the city to 10acres out of town. We have definitely found our forever home 💙

We moved interstate for a 250k job. Life is amazing!

I could have written this 2 years ago. We moved to a different state and at first I regretted it a lot. I think the first 18 months were the hardest for me but there were a lot of factors in play. I decided one day that despite missing my hometown, I needed to make the most of the opportunity I have to live here now. So every day I'd try and find one super amazing thing about this place, and every few weeks we'd go somewhere new to explore.
Not I love it here.

Yep we moved, risked everything, spent our savings and only lasted six months. We moved back and it's taken years to financially recover but we will get there. I learnt a valuable lesson.

 What don't try because it might not work out? Stay in the safe zone?
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 You had a crack don't be so hard on yourself
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 No, it was more like follow my gut instinct not what anyone else says. And dont stray from my path to please someone else
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I moved interstate about three years ago, I miss my old life, and friends but can't go back. I have a very different life now, while it's amazing and i wouldn't change it for anything, I do wonder what could have been, but I have a little piece of it to remind me, currently having his afternoon sleep.

We are in the sme position as you, interstate move 7 months ago, kept our house "just in case." I am here now, I am committed to making the best out of this move. My husband initated the move in the first place but he is the one who is struggling the most. It hasn't turned out quite the way he thought it would. He grew up here and it has brought back alot of old bad memories and I think that he has regrets.