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My neighbour wants me to move or get rid off my plant that’s causing her hay fever

What would you ?
Have nowhere to move the plant


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I work for a council. She can ask you to get rid of a plant that’s causing her hayfever but you’re under no obligation to comply.
It’s really just a courtesy thing.

How does she know it's that plant and that one only? I have severe hay fever, I move around quite a bit but am still affected all the same. It could be from pollen a kilometre away, it blows quite far.

Tell her to get some antihistamine like everyone else that has hay fever. I am sure it is not just one particular plant that happens to be next door that is the problem.

 This! Hayfever isn't caused by ONE SPECIFIC plant.
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Can you give it to someone close to you so you can still see it and enjoy it?
I don't think she's being unreasonable..

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Instead of ending up at war with your neighbour (there is nothing worse) maybe try talking to them and see if you can come to an agreement of some sort. Just a thought x

Can people complain about what's in your yard

 Yes if it’s barking dog you keep log book for 12 weeks and give to council
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 Yes if your a vegan & your neighbour has bbqs
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Ask her to pay for it to be removed and replaced with another plant the same value.

I think it’s sad since it’s your own back yard and what’s in there should be left for you to enjoy.
But! Honestly, if you’ve ever suffered bad hay fever you’d have to have a little compassion for the person! I’d personally get rid of it

It's your yard tell her go f**k off

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I wouldn't mind removing a plant that caused genuine issues - as long as the neighbour was nice about asking & not demanding. It's a small concession to allow someone to feel better & not have to continually take drugs. My Sil gets hayfever so badly she can't get out of bed for a couple of days but is otherwise ridiculously healthy & active. So it can be quite serious.
In the end it's up to you though as it's on your property.