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HPV Vaccine

Who has allowed the school to give their kids the HPV vaccine? Any issues, any feedback?


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I had the vaccine when it first came out. I was diagnosed with pre cancerous cells just last year. I have a type which was not covered by the vaccine. Glad I had the vaccine though or I could have had multiple types. I just got unlucky.

I got the vaccine. "cancer" isn't just one thing, there are many different types, and the HPV vaccine has greatly reduced the incidences of cervical cancer in Australia. People cry out wishing for a cure for cancer - this is better than a cure, it's a prevention! Get it for your daughters and your sons, as they can be be carriers as well.

Did you know that Australia is on track to essentially wipe out cervical cancer because of vaccinations and screening? I'm gobsmacked. Please, please follow the advice of people who spend their entire careers devoted to doing actual clinical research, and improving the lives and health of others.

 I forgot to mention - I got the vaccine and have never had as much as a scare. When my daughters are of age they'll also be getting the vaccine, and if I had sons they would be too.
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I had it ended up with cervical cancer, Would after much research never give to my daughter. Also trying to ban in the UK and various other countries. My recommendation is to research, ask questions and be comfortable before you choose. You then are solely responsible for the choice you made.

 If that really happened to you I'm very sorry, sincerely, that might drive you to post and people might be led to believe it's barely less than 1 in 3 cases, (yours is actually 1 in 3 answers), but I agree on researching. Which research though?
It says it's safe and that most common though very mild side effects are not much more than 1%
Getting the illness that the vaccine is meant to prevent is closer than unique than rare.

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 Australian research shows it as safe, broaden to overseas before you want to talk about something you clearly copy and pasted

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 How long after the vaccine were you diagnosed? You could have had it in its very early stages when you were vaccinated.
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 Also important to realise that a vaccine doesn’t necessarily mean you will be immune. You can still get it but like all vaccines it reduces your chances of it.
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Ive had it and my daughter, no problems at all. My two younger daughters will be having it too.

My daughter has had it, no issues. They still get taught about sexually transmitted diseases and that it is not an excuse to not use protection.

I had it when it was in the very first roll out.
I have not had any abnormalities nor any problems.

My daughter had it 5 years ago. No issues at all. My younger daughter is due to have it this year.

I had it and within 2 months cin3. I don’t recommend

 What’s cin3 ?
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 CIN 3. Severely abnormal cells are found on the surface of the cervix. CIN 3 is usually caused by certain types of human papillomavirus (HPV) and is found when a cervical biopsy is done. If not treated, these abnormal cells may become cancer and spread to nearby normal tissue.
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 I'm Curious... Had you had a recent pap smear/test before getting the vaccine or were you young and not even sexually active at the time? Just wondering was it possible you already had hpv before you got the vaccine?
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