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Stealing money

How much money do you steal from your partner per mth ?


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Who even has money in their wallet to steal anymore lol

Steal? Nothing. Since we're married it's OUR money.
If I charged an hourly rate for services rendered I'd be earning more than he is. Cooking, cleaning, laundry, personal shopping, admin support, childcare (for half a day, since they're also half mine), housekeeping, plus the bedroom services. At say, $20 an hour (more than generous considering the range of services) for the first 8 hours, time and a half there after.... (8×$20) + (16×$25) × 7 = $3,920/week. Shit I'll even take off 8 hours a day in the assumption that I'd be getting a full nights sleep (hahahaha). (8×$20) + (8×$25) × 7 = $1,560/week.
So, really, if you wanna talk about someone stealing of their partner.... I've never seen any of the above figures. Not from my husband. Plus no super contributions, no hour long lunch break, no PAYG tax paid, nothing.

 So you go to his wallet and see $500 do you grab some or all of it for a shopping trip
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 I don't. I try not to go through my husbands wallet. He doesn't go through mine either. It's called boundaries.
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$0. Did you read that on too?

 F**k off old cow
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 Ha ha you did. Hugs for you. I think you need it.
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This was on daily mail this am, for starters if you are in a partnership or married it's not stealing. If you combine finances you are spending,. At least ask the partner first before taking from their wallet or purse. I for one have my own money thanks don't need a mans,

All of it and he lets me. He’s a beauty, can spend what I want when I want. He doesn’t care but I’m from a wealthy family that pays for school fees, cars, houses, etc so how could he complain? We are both on easy street. I win the life lottery! 😂

Sorry you don’t troll 😜

If you’ve noticed your cash supplies are dwindling the reason may be very close to home.
Nearly 20 per cent of young Australian couples under 30 admit to pinching money from their partner’s wallet without asking.

The casual thievery extends to the slightly older millennial demographic, according to research conducted by Canstar, with 18 per cent of people aged between 30 and 39 also admitting to having sticky fingers.

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 Ahh fat Greek sugar daddy
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None. I work. He works. We both contribute to bills.