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Would you give your blessing to your partner to cheat on you ?

Will Smith did


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Thought they had an open marriage

 So today she says they were serperated at the time. Such crap these people live faking everything
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All I can hear is Ross going ‘we were on a break!’

 Lol 😂😂
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 How do you know my ex? Did he do it to you too?
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No. If i didn't have enough feelings for him to care if he wanted to have a relationship with someone else then we shouldn't be together anyway. Odds are they would end up leaving you for the other person may as well keep your self respect.

My husband gave me permission, so it was not cheating. He knew what I was doing.

It's not cheating if you give permission though 🤔

Definitely! I love that my husband has a lover. I adore him. We have a lovely relationship. I could have a lover too if I want but it isn’t what I want at the moment.

Ok so it was on the internet. It all must be true eh?

I would mainly because I want an open relationship. It’s much harder for guys to cheat. So he would need to find someone first or at least agree to it.