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Does your vagina really get loose after having children? I'm pregnant and thinking of having a c-section to stop this happening if it is a thing.


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If you would have a c- section so your vagina doesn't stretch them you have no business having children.

Plot twist. Your vagina still changes even if you have a C section. Sorry 😂

 Exactly I think it has something to do with the muscle relaxing chemicals your body dispels during pregnancy it’s not just the birth itself.
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 It's the pressure of being whale size preggers as well. Changes are gonna happen, sorrrrry.
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No. Two natural births and sex with my husband is the same as before kids. And even if it does change things, why choose the riskier option for the sake of a tighter vagina?

No. Kegals and your vagina changes in pregnancy from the weight and stress. C section doesn’t help this.

I see the holier-than-though, judgmental asshole brigade is out today.

No. I’ve had four kids. My husband says my vagina is fine!

 As in hasn’t changed
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 Omg any decent husband wouldn’t tell you that you have become a bit loose
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I've had two vaginal births. Both times we didn't have sex for at least a few months after the birth (my grazes/tears didn't heal properly and had to get redone both times 🙄), and when getting back into it I was too tight. Took a while to stretch it back out and be comfortable again. This was the vaginal opening, the rest of it feels no different.

Are you talking about something like a prolapse from pushing a baby out? Yep that’s a thing but no reason for a c section

I just finished reading an article on ninemsn about the exact same thing. I have had a 3 c sections and my vagina is still fairly tight but my overhang on my stomach is my biggest problem. I can't get rid of it. If I had a choice I would have had vaginal births.

Literally 8 days after giving birth to my daughter I got so ridiculously horny and wanted to have sex with my husband. I had no tearing during childbirth, apparently I'm just stretchy like that 😂 He turned me down cause the doctor said to wait till 6 weeks, but we did it at 4 weeks and I still swear it was the best sex I have ever had in my life. So so tight, it was almost electric. Don't worry about it chick. Our bodies are AMAZING!

This has to be a joke. Nobody can be that stupid right? 🤔

Have major surgery and not be able to do a lot include drive for weeks or have a baby naturally as our bodies have evolved to do umm I don't know which one I would choose... idiot.