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Does your vagina really get loose after having children? I'm pregnant and thinking of having a c-section to stop this happening if it is a thing.


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I wish I could post a picture of my tummy, then you would rather not have a C sect

No, I had the opposite problem. Still have pain because of it. Wish I hadn't had a vaginal birth the first time as it has been terrible for decades.

I have had two natural births I have always wondered this too. I had an episiotomy after the first and the second was smaller so no stitches. I notice I’d we don’t have sex for a week, I’m tight and we have to go slowly. (hubby travels sometimes) I researched and it says yoga, kegals and Pilates helps so I do all of that and hubby says he can’t feel the difference. I have a very small bulge that I’m working on with lots of exercise and fat cavitation. A friend of mine had three sections and hates her belly. she is tiny but it just hangs there. If I eat less you can’t see mine.

Iv had 4 vaginal births and my husband says iv gotten tighter after each one

I had a csection (not by choice), then a vaginal birth 18 months later.
After my c-section, there was pretty much no change to my vagina. After the vaginal birth I has some incontinence for about 2 weeks after and things slowly went back to normal (maybe 2 months).
As long as you do your pelvic floor exercises, things will gradually return back to normal.
I know when I went to the vbac class when I was pregnant with my second, they tried to tell us it's the weight of the baby on your pelvic floor during pregnancy that causes issues, not the birth, but I found that to be BS.

Two vaginal births and I'm tighter than before having kids. After a bad tear I got stitched, it healed up way tighter. I'd say avoid a c-section if you can.