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What bothers you about society these days?


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How people get offended on behalf of other people, without actually knowing if it's actually offensive to those people at all!!

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Poverty and a lack of education amongst the general public, a lack of skilled workers and apprenticeships, a lack of public services. There will be no future for our kids at this rate

 This is why so many women are childless
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Climate change, capitalism, privatisation, job security, racism, drug epidemic

What bothers me most is that it seems so many are so stuck in their opinions they aren’t willing to look at the other side, rather they just call each other names and get aggressive. It happens on every side of society. People only want free speech when it’s inline with their beliefs.

 Difference between free speech and hate speech and facts are wrong
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 True story
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 All speech should be free with the exception of if it incites violence. Allowing for certain speech to be limited doesn’t allow for people to challenge it. I would prefer to hear some racist going off in the hopes I could tell them a few home truths rather than let them live in an echo chamber with other racists. Even if it doesn’t get through to them it may get through to another or even their kids.
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Then importance of social media. It’s just so contrite.

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 I don't think contrite is the word you're looking for. Contrite means sorry or regretful. Perhaps you meant 'trite' = overused, dull, lacking originality.
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There is so much hate. So many people who just care about themselves with no thought for others.

Constance feral

 I know. What sort of person wants women to support each other. We need to fight against each other, and keep giving men the advantage over us.
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 F**k off feral
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 😂 I love you troll. I think you make 90% of the comments on this site.
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 I love Constance ♥
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People in public glued to their phone
Hope the people get run over by a bus

That everyone is in a rush these days.
Also it bothers me that you have to buy and do nearly everything online or on a computer and not get one on one service with a person!

The fact that society is more worried about plastic products in the environment than keeping pedophiles incarcerated away from our children.

 Well, like I see what you mean, but they aren't comparable issues.
You want a sustainable future environment for your children and grandchildren don't you?

But yeah, the justice system sucks and doesn't do enough to make victims feel safe and make perpetrators pay for their crimes.

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Old people thinking all women should be a mum and breed like rabbits

 Seriously? LET IT GO!
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 Seen childless women get bullied on FB
They are told you will die lonely in a nursing home

You don’t know true love until you have a baby

You are selfish

Why are you tired ?

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 Because my husband wants to have sex all night
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 OMG if I have to let it go that ScoMo is prime minister the next 3 years, you have to let the baby questioning go!
I don't care if you do or don't have kids. I don't care if you have 6 kids to 5 dads! I don't care if you're unable to conceive, I don't care if you want to call your cat your furbaby! I don't care if you're offended by people talking about their sex lives, I don't care about your in laws drama that you've probably created anyway.
Move onnnnnn!

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 I can't get over Scomo either
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Money, if you don't have enough, life is a misery.

 Also people with money, like super rich, who would rather get richer than help end the cycle of poverty for others.
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Mums on phone at playground or sports activities or at coffee shop with their kids
Saw mum on her ph at the doctor surgery instead of comforting her sick 6mth old baby