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Slow cooker pork

Hello beautiful SAHMS. Does anyone have a tried and true slow cooler recipe?. I have 3.5 kg boneless pork to feed the family on Sunday. I want to slow cook it for a 2pm meal. I am in over my head because ive never done it before and id rather not screw it up. How long do i need to cook it for on low but also on high. Will cooking on high make it tough? I really dont want to get up at 4am so i may want to do it on high. Thankyou in advance. Xxx


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Hi there, first of all what are you planning to serve it with? I like to either do the classic pork and veg, or pork and sauerkraut on crusty rolls. If it's pork and veg, simple slice up a couple of potatoes to rest your pork on in the cooker (even rounds) add about 100mils water and pop it on either low for 8 hours or high for 4 hours. If you'd like to try pork and sauerkraut, cut up some apple cheeks, or some onion rounds to rest it on, add a little water again, and the same times, 8 for low 4 for high.
You could try some spices if you wanted to go a Mexican route. We use a mix of chilli, cayenne pepper, allspice, cinnamon, onion powder, garlic powder, and some cumin. Maybe a little nutmeg. And some salt and pepper. You pat it onto the pork, or roll the pork in the spice mix, rest it on some potato rounds and again with the times.

You'll be fine. Slow cookers are such a time saver. You can chuck everything in there and let it do it's thing. Then boom 4 hours later you've got a beautiful meal. I always follow the 8L:4H times for all types of meat, and not once has it been underdone or overdone.

 Is it still rhe same time for 3.5kg ?
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 I would assume so. If you're nervous, keep it in for longer. Or check it after the 4 hours.
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 Thankyou my friend xx
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12 hours on low. 6.5 on high. Rinse pork with apple cider vinegar. Add 1/2c brown sugar, 1 can tomato puree, 1/4c honey, 1/4c mustard, 1/4 c vinegar. After 10.5 (5.5 on high) hours cooking, shred with 2 forks. Continue cooking for remaining time. Top with slaw for maximum flavor.