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How do other single mums juggle study and looking after their family with out option of help from family or friends?

Feeling torn... Please don't judge.
(BTW my child is only 24months so I am not"forced" to study or work yet... Been advised govt is changing veet fee help


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I did a lot during nap times, and at night. I used the time their father had them as study time. If I was really under it, it was Frozen Time! (Judge away, you do what you need to.) I would treat myself for good grades, a cleaner every 6 weeks or so becaise some things would fall behind, take away, a study free day when I knew I had kidnfree time coming. When I started a heavier course load, I went with a day or 2 of care.

 You sound sensible, shy would anyone judge you?
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 I know some schools of parenting disagree with the electronic babysitter aproach to getting things done. In a pinch (when you need to write a paper or finish a reading or wash the floors without sticky footprints for company), it's a "necessary evil."
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I study online. I will just do bits here and there when I can. Every afternoon after school we all sit down at the table and all do our homework together. Night time I will do an hour or so. Lots of slow cooker meals for the busier weeks too. I will also take my iPad to the park and write out assignments while I watch my kids play or if they need that outside time. Stocks of their favourite shows or movies when I need that quiet too.

Childcare- if you've got a big enough study load, you can get JET- meaning you will pay only a very small amount for childcare

Put your kid to bed by 7-7:30, you'll have plenty of time. That's how I do it with mine

 That's OK for the study bit but doesn't help when I need to do placement as well....
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They age 10 years, but once studying you can get a rebate on the childcare no?

 Yes you can. Op might be eligible for JET to help out with daycare costs.
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I study online, so I can do it when ever I like. I study at night when the kids are asleep. It's the only time I get.
It's hard to juggle everything, but you get used to it.