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How r you doing?

So far iv adopted a “what will be will be” mentality.
But my husband just got home and is laid off. We have food for 3 weeks and some small savings (our nest egg got wiped out 6 months ago.)
I will be out of work while there is a ban in the next few days but mine may not last but I will lose clients.
Our renter is also out of work. And so will our other renters shortly.

It’s the first time iv felt nervous. It’s all happening.
The train is going and there’s no stopping it now.

Uncertain times I can only hope we band together as community and we all help each other stay afloat.


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We're ok at the moment. I am considering a how to binge on utube though- how to make your own mud hut, how to forage for food in the bush, how to build a know just for back up.

OP 😂😂😂
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OP We have a moderate amount of self sufficency (were on tank water. Have solar and a generator) have mature fruit trees and lots of veggie gardens. But the veggie gardens have only just been planted.
Hubby is getting stuck into completing our food farm while off work now lol.

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 That is my dream. A little property, to be self sufficient with some animals. Still saving away for a deposit we are nearly there but who knows we might have more than enough soon - the future is a big unknown.
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You have renters? Grow up. Stop moaning. Plenty of people own the clothes on their back yet you have multiple renters? Have a word with yourself you selfish cow!!

It's really made me re prioritise my life and see what really is important to me and what's not. Shows us that things can change in an instant no matter how well set up we think we are and really makes me see that being a good person above all else is more important than possessions

I'm doing worse than I thought.. At first I was like, this is going to be ok.. Now I'm scared, not sleeping. I have mental health issues, but I recognise when things are going downhill. Considering asking my doctor for something to calm the nerves at night time. It's hard trying to sleep when your brain won't switch off. I feel for my kids, they just don't understand it all. It does help that we are all going through the same thing..

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I think it’s going to get a lot worse. At first I thought it might be better to get it and then get over it because I was still going into work I thought I would get it in the train. Now I work from home and I’m with my family I don’t want us to get it at all. I’m really careful but my husband has no clue. He is still if I get it, I get it attitude I think it is very selfish of him. We agreed if one of us gets it the other would sleep upstairs on the blow up mattress, it’s very comfortable now he says what’s the point you would already be infected. Wtf the idea is to isolate so you know the kids don’t get it - I’m really pissed at him. I hate ignorant attitudes, watch the news take the advice follow instructions. It’s better not to get it.

 My husband was not taking it seriously enough either. He’s getting it now - the guys at his work are scared for their livelihoods and that shook him up to pay attention.
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Trying to avoid the media - just watch a bit of news once the kids are in bed. Mentally starting to worry about the financial implications. Feeling very uncertain and a little like we're on the edge...

Going ok, hating home schooling, avoiding the media.