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Did your tolerance level change as you got older?

It never used to bother me that my husband followed slutty girls on instagram. But in the last 3 months it's really bothering me. It started to upset me when I saw he was regularly checking his mates girlfriends account and she posts a lot of bum photos. That's when I started feeling both jealous and insecure, and honestly PISSED OFF. If I even post a mild photo of myself (maybe a selfie with the baby and a smidgen of cleavage is visible) he gets all huffy. Yet he sees nothing wrong with perving on his mates gf.
But, before, it never bothered me if he wanted to look at half naked women online.
Is this something to do with me growing up and no longer tolerating his ogling, or is this a jealousy thing, or am I SUPPOSED to be feeling this way all along?


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Chat to his best mate about your husband watching his Gf’s bum, what does he think about it?

Girls who take a*s selfies and put them on Facebook are a worry but that's a whole different conversation. Tell him how you feel. Yes i am much less inclined to deal with other peoples bullshit than I used to be but maybe that's just me.

I'm alot more tolerant than I have ever been. I am 45 though and hubby 48