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Something I have noticed about this forum...

I was just looking at the thread of the lady who had gel and wanted to talk while waiting. I noticed something that has been quite common here. Despite the trolling, harsh words and anonymity, there is a real caring vibe. People ask for updates, really care and are happy to just have a chat. Some of you have really helped me with kind words, some have made me laugh and some have been great to have a disagreement with. I think that's why I like it here. We can be anonymous but still feel like we sort of know each other. ❤️😘


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I like it here because I can express my opinion without the arseholes in my life taking exception to every damn thing. I can't post on Facebook because it gets over analysed by my family, and gossiped about by them and my in laws. Plus all my "friends" use Facebook to brag about their amazing lives and all the bullshit they post makes me feel like crap. Like yeah, your having a fu****g blast out on your boat spending quality time with your brat kid. It's obvious since you found time to not only update your status but also upload a hundred thousand selfies (same duck face but in different lighting) that you're having some awesome family time COMPLETELY focused on the family time.
Plus, I have a foul mouth. And I wouldn't dare write this stuff under my real name. Shiiiit, my Nanna doesn't need to read my malarkey. She still thinks I'm a sweet and proper young lady.

But the caring here is good too.

 i feel the same! I love this response! You go girl!
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Answered by SAHM Staff

Thanks OP for posting this - it's really what we'd hoped this forum to be, somewhere that people can come and talk about anything, no matter who they are without fear. We do try as hard as we can to keep the trolls and nastiness to a minimum so you will all keep coming back. We love that most of you do enjoy coming here to ask questions/vent/ chat, so thanks to all of you wonderful anonymous people!!

 You're welcome 😉
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Yeah you are going to get the trolls, the people who are are bored and want to cause an argument and I think that's ok because it sort of helping them out as well but mostly I find that people want to help and give advice and impart their experience. You just have to pick through the posts and take what you need. For me I sometimes feel isolated and this is my way of connecting with other mums when I can't always get out and be social. Also I just love to help others in any way.
I think the Admin help as well, they always seem so welcoming and encouraging and real which sets the tone for the site.

I troll sort of- I'm not nasty about it but very opinionated. Not many people I can have these conversations with as everyone gets offended. It's an outlet to get my controversial opinions

 interesting the mods deleted my response here... hmm, so pointing out the difference between troll and opinion was too much for them huh? Lol, wonder why. They cant seem to be impartial and they certainly hit the dictionary definition of troll.
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 Trolling is posting to deliberately get a rise out of somebody. That is not the same (although it can be) as posting a controversial opinion.
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There are nice people everywhere I guess! The thing with this forum is its anon, which is rare. Good for honesty, bad because people can be very blunt (or mean).

Wow that's such a nice and useful discussion. Just love it.

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