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When to get rid of baby bottles?

My little man just turned 15 months and refugees to have milk out of anything other than a baby bottle, actually it's the one thing he won't give him self, he likes to hold his teddy and be nursed while having the milk
We are weaned into 2 full cream bottles (one in the morning one at night)
But I know that after one they are not supposed to have a bottle?


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I am going to be honest here and say my 2yr old still has one bottle of a night time to sleep because he wont sleep when hes hungry. But thats only if he hasnt eaten his dinner as he's very fussy. He doesnt get it everyday and we're phasing it out now. He's more into his sippy cups now, he doesn't have milk all that often.

Maybe at 18months cut out the morning bottle and give him milk in a sippy cup (or none) and give him a bottle at night if that's his comfort thing. There are no real rules for this sort of thing.

My boy still had his morning bottle until 2 he isn't a big milk drinker so I was happy for him to have it . As long as he's drinking his water in a sippy cup who cares he's still only little.
My son is 2.5 years now and has his morning milk in a advent sippy cup

We got rid of the bottle at 18 months. My maternal health nurse advised around 12 months but it didn't worry me. We were only on one bottle at night. We used a bottle with built in straw and he loved it and never looked back. We have a stainless steel water bottle and a plastic one with built in straw for his milk.

My 1st I took away the bottles at 12months and my 2nd was about 14 months.